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Guidelines for Poster Presentations


  • The poster must be no less than 594mm x 841mm (A1) and no larger than 900mm x 1300mm.
  • The orientation of the poster must be in vertical ‘portrait’ style.

Title and Author Name

  • The title should be the same as in the submitted abstract and placed at the top of the poster.
  • The characters of the title and author name(s) should be a minimum of 48 point font size.
  • The name(s) of the Author(s), School or Department, Faculty, and Institution should also be displayed on the poster.


  • The poster should be easily legible at a distance of two metres.
  • 48 to 60 point font size is recommended for headings.
  • 24 to 32 font size single spaced is recommended for contents.
  • The text should be concise and easy to read. The Presenter(s) is encouraged to make use of colour images such as pictures, symbols, and charts/graphs. These images should come with a short heading or legend and should be no smaller than 12cm x 12cm.

Set-up and Removal

  • Posters will be displayed for viewing during the Conference.
  • One poster board will be assigned to each presentation. Each author will be provided one poster board (1m W x 2m H), which is located at the Cheng Yu Tung Tower 1/F Foyer.
  • Each poster board will be numbered with the abstract ID, the Presenter(s) is required to place the poster on the designated poster board.
  • The poster boards are made of a material that accepts Velcro tape. A supply of Velcro tape will be available in the poster area.
  • Please mount the poster in the morning (8:30am to 10:00am) of the day of the poster presentation.
  • It is required that the poster to be removed at the end of the day.
  • The Presenter(s) is encouraged to spend time at the poster during the tea and coffee breaks of the Conference in order to exchange and share ideas with other conference delegates. There are two tea and coffee breaks on each of the conference days:

DAY 1 – THU 14 MAY 2015

DAY 2 – FRI 15 MAY 2015



Morning Tea/Coffee 10:30 – 11:00 Morning Tea/Coffee 10:00 – 10:30
Afternoon Tea/Coffee 16:00 – 16:30 Afternoon Tea/Coffee 16:00 – 16:30