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Conference Theme and Sub-themes

We welcome submissions related to the conference theme, Beyond the Formal Curriculum in Universities, and the following sub-themes:

1. Concepts of Hall/Residential Education

  • Evolution of halls, colleges, houses, and so on in top universities around the world
  • Challenges facing hall/residential education in top universities around the world
  • Hall/residential education in the Hong Kong context
  • Different modes of hall/residential education in HKU
  • Studies on, and projects related to hall/residential education

2. Generic skills for outside classroom activities

  • Developing generic skills for outside classroom activities
  • Assessing and evidencing generic skills for residential education

3. Application of e-learning on Hall/Residential Education

  • Official launching of the “ResEd online course”, with demonstrations
  • Application of e-learning in conference discussions: in plenary and deliberation sessions
  • e-Portfolio for hall education, residential learning and co-curriculum activities

4. Staff Training on Hall/Residential Education

  • Residential academic advising: Local and overseas experience
  • Basic skills in conflict management
  • Development of leadership skills among students
  • Basic skills in counselling, advising, mental health first aid
  • Inclusion and students with special education needs